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"I am someone who suffers from chronic back pain and neck pain.  I have been treated by countless chiropractors over the past 10 years and after the first time I was adjusted by Dr. Pacheco I knew I would never see another chiropractor again.  I had a terrible tension headache at the time and the second he adjusted my neck the tightness as well as the headache disappeared instantly.  I have noticed a big difference in my range of motion and pain since I have been under his care.  I highly, highly recommend Dr. Pacheco to anyone who is like me and suffers from being out of alignment."


"Before seeing Dr. Pacheco, I was an inch shorter on my right side. My right shoulder hung down lower than the left, I had some lower back pain and I also suffered from allergies. After my first visit I felt a huge relief on my lower back and my allergies got a lot better. I have felt great results in my overall health since seeing Dr. Pacheco. He is very thorough with each visit and I always have a great time with him and his wife Kristina when I come and when I go. Thank you guys for changing my life!!"


"I have only met three chiropractors ever that loved what they did. Dr. Frederico Pacheco is one of the three. He shows true passion in his work and has exceptional knowledge of his field. I have been to a lot of chiropractors in 21 years. Dr. Pacheco and the other two have been the only ones that I can get true results with every adjustment. If your wanting to see true results and improvement in your health. Make an appointment with Dr. Pacheco today."